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TEDxVienna Instawalk
We are overwhelmed by the outcome of our first Instawalk with the Instagramers Vienna! The walk was fully booked and more than 30 photographers showed up. Thanks for coming!

Some incredibly talented people gathered on August 23rd to spend a Saturday afternoon in Sandleiten, a Gemeindebau in Vienna’s diverse district Ottakring. The block of council apartments and municipal infrastructure feels like a city within the city.

TEDxVienna IgersVienna Instawalk

We came to see, but also to hear: Ilkim Erdost, principal of the Volkshochschule Ottakring and former speaker for TEDxVienna, shared some juicy details about the housing complex and invited her partners to spill some secrets too. When 5.000 people from many different cultures, generations and income brackets live together, it makes for some pretty interesting stories!

After that, the Instagramers were let loose in the neighbourhood. And boy, did they have fun with it: Some motives were widely popular, like the child statue in front of the public library, SOHO in Sandleiten or the extravagant architecture. Other motives were not so obvious for the untrained eye, but of course our Instagramers captured them as well.

Best of the #TEDxVienna Instawalk

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the shots!

Pretty amazing, huh? We would like to thank all the participants, speakers and of course @igersvienna for this inspiring Instawalk. For more stunning pictures, head over to #TEDxVienna on Instagram!

Don’t forget: The city is kaleidoscopic!

What is the City? The answer depends on your perspective. Look at the city. Each vantage point offers a different view. Pick it up, turn it around to see the other side. What was obvious is now hidden. The city is a riddle. What is solid but always in flux? We each know only an aspect of the city. It is in the curation and exhibition of these myriad aspects that we can attempt to unravel the mystery of the city.

Our upcoming event in the fall will focus on urban development and city evolution. Stay tuned, exciting details will be released shortly 😉

If you have an own blog post or photo album you would like to share, please leave them in a comment so we can collect them here!
Title picture: @ineshaeufler


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