Save-the-date: Shape CITYx with us!

After the success of last year’s event, where we discovered the unfinished city, we proudly announce CITYx ! A TEDxVienna salon event that sets out to explore urban treasures and makes the attempt to grasp what the city is. The city is not set in stone. It is vivid, unpredictable and full of surprises like its inhabitants.

What is CITYx?

The sun rises, draws restless lines from rooftops to street corners. People slip through shadow and burst into light, coming and going in all directions like synaptic charges, humming electric. Who are these people? And what is this place, solid as stone but always in flux, in plain view but impossible to see? It is a riddle and a paradox, much like the people that give it life. We call it CITYx.

CITYx is…

…an idea, a question, and a challenge. It is the individual dreams, risks, loves, and actions that collectively shape the city.

… kaleidoscopic, it must be seen a thousand different times, from a thousand different angles.

… belongs to the people who see it, who inhabit it, who engage it, who invest themselves in it, whether for an hour or a lifetime.

…what we make it. 

x is the unknown, the variable, the becoming.

An evening with amazing talks

There will be 7 great speakers, presenting you their projects, visions and dreams around the topic of urbanisation.
Psssttt, a few of our speakers are already out:

Pedro Gadanho, an portuguese architect, teacher and writer. Currently he is based in New York and is the curator of Contemporary Architecture at the Department of Architecture and Design at MoMA. There his duty lays in overseeing the Young Architects Program, an annual competition, organized by MoMA. Aside curating (see here Pedro Gadanho’s comment on “curating is the new critisism“), Pedro is known for his colourful style, more specifically for mixing strong plain colours wit white. He is also publishing weekly news and comments about architecture, culture and contemporary urban practice on his blog Shrapnel Contemporary.

Herr Finnland,  paradoxly does not come from Finnland but rather from Austria, to be exactly from Kaprun. His company focuses on “Veranstaltunsdramaturgie” and production, meaning the creation of creative concepts for big scale events. Among others Fete Imperiale and Life Ball Vienna benefited from Herrn Finnland’s expertise! In 2011 he created his Event Concept Series ‘Nesterval – Adventures in the City’ which comprises publically and individually offered Adventure Tours, Historical Treasure Hunts and Corporate Team Building events for brands like Swarovski, FM4, Kunsthalle Wien, Pro7Sat1Puls4.

There are 5 more speakers  going to be announced! Watch out for them on the event page or TEDxVienna on facebook!

What will YOU build?

Our citizienship gives us the right and the responsibility to build, create and shape our city. We are CITYx! Let’s look behind the obvious and form it together.

When? 25th of September from 5-10pm
Where?  Weltmuseum, Heldenplatz, Vienna

Be quick! There are only few tickets available for this event!

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