The perks of being an Android

Most people are so dependent on their computers and devices they have practically become living, breathing and walking machines. They obsess over the latest Facebook and Instagram posts to the point of not being able to connect with the actual people in front of them. This issue can be and has been argued about on its own, but is the idea of becoming an android really that bad? Is it not possible to interact with both humans and computers at once?

To put it in other terms the idea of not having to go the extra mile to get things done in life is very comforting. Although many apps are mainly meant for amusement like game apps, some can help you manage your life and kick bad habits. From getting rid of procrastinating to quitting smoking and biting your nails. Apps like Yelling Mom, Kwit and Stop Nail biting are equipped to help you defeat your inner demons. These applications offer motivational tasks and necessary information that aim for you to lead a better and healthier life.

The age of digital evolution

If you attended our most recent conference you might have heard from “The Most Connected Man in the World” himself, Chris Dancy.
He is practically a real life android, who uses online applications to improve his life. By monitoring his daily life from when he eats what type of food whilst watching which TV show at what room temperature Dancy has altered his lifestyle for the better. Whether it is health-related or it has to do with learning and educating yourself on a regular basis. With the mentioned apps that are on the market people are able to ease some habits of their daily life and stimulate their minds. Learning and keeping up with current innovative events for example is made easy with the app created by TED, which “presents talks from some of the world’s most fascinating people”. As a result an efficiently working device can ease managing life and make it more comfortable.


Convenience is everywhere

On the other hand, this argument has often raised endless debates: Are people too dependent on their phones? Is there less human interaction nowadays because of technology? Is technology ruining our society? These are only a few of the questions raised by those worried about humanity being overwhelmed by the technological progress.

To overrule such questions we can see that other than improving one’s personal life, modern day gadgets can also take a load off one’s professional life as well. The majority of employees in offices will most likely agree with this statement. Platforms like Podio or a personal organizer such as Evernote serve to increase one’s productivity (on the go).
Office clerks can live a bit more flexible, now that most office work can be done from the comforts of their homes. It can be argued as being lazy and not dedicated to the job, but who wouldn’t like to come home earlier to their family, if business can be taken care of from any place with a Wi-Fi connection?


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