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hacking consciousness

Hacking Consciousness – can we build conscious machines?

In a clear night, switch off your TV set, walk outside, direct your eyes to the stars and start to speculate about the boundaries of our universe. At this very moment something magical is happening. You have just built a bridge between the two most puzzling miracles in our time. The question […]

stefan kohlweg audioarchitect

Constructing the world of sound – Interview with an Audioarchitect

Interview with Stefan Kohlweg There are several things in the world that we take for granted. Things that we don’t question and have little time to “fuss” over. One of these things is the concept of sound. Not many things are as diverse, complex and specific as sound is. Only few people stop […]

Why I wish there were more characters using sign language on TV

  A little known fact is that sign language is just as much a fully developed, complex language as spoken ones. Sign language has its own rules and its own varieties. For example, American Sign Language is different from Austrian Sign Language (ÖGS) but even within Austria you can discover […]

Let’s REALLY feed the world – how to recycle food waste

Approximately 11% of the world’s populations don’t have enough to eat. At the same time, one third of all produced food never gets eaten. The food waste is largest in industrialized countries in Europe and North America. If it would be collected and redistributed, it could feed all hungry people […]