Travel the world with (almost) no money

From stockbroker to hitchhiker

Hitchhiking in the back of a pickup truck in Thailand. Eating breakfast with a family in Turkey. Spending the night on an overcrowded train in India. Sleeping under an abandoned vehicle in Mozambique. Being a traffic diverter in Australia. House sitting a manor in New Zealand. Hitchhiking on a boat to sail across the Indian Ocean. These are all chapters in Tomislav Perko’s journey around the globe. He travelled around the world in 1000 Days of Summer, chasing the sun by heading east from his home country Croatia. He left behind a life of being a stockbroker after the financial crisis, when he figured out that, if done right, travelling is even cheaper than renting a flat in his hometown.

Learning for life

Travelling, he discovered, is not only cheap but it also gives you so much in return. In March he held a TEDx Talk as part of his book tour in Vienna where he spoke about how much travelling has taught him. He talked about how people often have preconceived opinions about countries based on what they hear in the media. He himself became aware of many prejudices, which were proven wrong when he talked to local people and saw what it is really like to live in, for example, Iran. “Don’t believe the horror stories you hear,” he cautioned the audience, emphasizing that the people, including those in countries his family warned him about travelling to, embraced him with kindness and generosity.

You can do it too

While travelling like this is not for everyone, Tomislav insisted that if you feel that wanderlust, the urge to just leave and explore the world, you should do it. How to overcome your fears and concerns, on top of even more reasons to travel are all explained in his TEDx Talk.

Are you ready now, to grab your backpack and head out the door and look for adventures? Watch Tomislav’s TEDx Talk to see how he managed to make the mismatch of travelling the world and (almost) no money work for him.

Photo credits: Julia Fellner, MA

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