TEDxVienna turns green: How to make a large-scale event eco-friendly?

“TEDx is a bit of a role model and guides people towards innovation and how they can live their lives. We will ask attendees for their feedback because we want to give them the opportunity to tell us what they think we can do on sustainability. There are 1,000 attendees, so that’s 1,000 brains to get ideas from.” These were the words from our project management member in last year’s ‘green interview’. With a focus on reducing single-use plastic, serving responsibly-sourced food and recycling as much as possible, last year’s conference had become the most sustainable TEDxVienna event. This year, with a thousand feedbacks, we definitely took it up a notch for our 10th Anniversary: “TEDxVienna About Time” is officially your local ÖkoEvent!


What is an ‘ÖkoEvent’? 

It is a special year for TEDxVienna. We are celebrating our 10th conference that will take place at a new venue, Halle E+G at Museumsquartier, and for the first time TEDxVienna is officially an eco-friendly event and got a certificate from Stadt Wien for its environmentally conscious efforts.

ÖkoEvent is the brand name for the Stadt Wien’s (City of Vienna) eco- friendly events. It was implemented to encourage all events in Vienna to be organized in such a way that they create an environmentally friendly atmosphere as much as it has an entertaining and a pleasant one. Organizing an event in a certain way that it is eco-friendly also improves quality and standards of an event of any scale. In an overview, everything that has to do with eco-friendly Mobility, Energy & Water, Communication, Catering, Waste separation has to be taken into consideration within the organization process.


What did TEDxVienna change this year, as an Öko-Event? 

Waste of all kinds is kept in bare minimum. At such major events, reducing waste is one of the main challenges which event management should not shy away from. Once again, this year at TEDxVienna we encourage you to avoid plastic and any other waste, for that we made sure to provide beverages in reusable containers or glass bottles from drink dispensers. Any other drinks will be in reusable containers. If you want to keep it simple, Viennese spring water from drink dispensers is also offered. There is no need to buy water when we already have such good water in Vienna!

For any other waste, we made sure that there will be clearly labeled recycling containers in various parts of the venue to save you out of trouble of finding one!


Going local.  A day full of ideas worth sharing will get you hungry and we got you covered! Food and drinks will be provided by our sponsors during the event. They are not only local but also organic and fair-trade. Not only that, but at least half of the offered food is also vegetarian and vegan friendly.


Leave your car keys at home since the event is easily accessible by public transport. All the public transportation information you might need to navigate your way to this year’s conference is provided in the announcement of the event! There are also bicycle parking spaces enough for everyone that will be at the event.


More than one million people in Austria are temporarily or permanently limited in their mobility. TEDxVienna About Time conference will not only be barrier-free but will also provide necessary assistance to anyone in the venue who might need it.


Eco-friendly construction. During construction as less waste as possible is produced. We steered away from paper waste and reused only environmentally friendly materials for the venue decorations. All the posters and announcement signs you might see around the venue are made from eco‐friendly paper. Last but not least, distribution of other materials during the event will be avoided to minimize to paper waste even more.

Now, more than ever, not only large-scale events managements like TEDxVienna, but also we as individuals should live everyday being mindful and aware of the responsibilities we have towards our environment. Being eco-friendly on all levels is not only an idea but a daily practice worth spreading.

See you on Saturday!


Header Image Credits royalty free / pexels

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