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5 predictions from 1984 by Nicholas Negroponte

1984 was the year French immunologist, Dr. Luc Montagnier identified the AIDS virus, but also the year genetic fingerprinting or DNA profiling was developed to later become the main method for forensic scientists to otain evidence in a crime. Same year, the pop culture wins three more of its best […]

Introverts Are People Too

Have you ever been told that you should strive to be a “people person”? Do you loathe small talk? Would you rather spend a free weekend by yourself, reading, writing, drawing than party all day and all night? Here’s a big secret: You are not alone, and you also do […]

Talk of the Week: Steve Jobs – Pursue Your Dreams

Wednesday’s sad, but unsurprising, news that Jobs was resigning as Apple’s chief executive – presumably because of his deteriorating health – caused quiet some momentum. The person who is responsible for a new generation of technic design and lifestyle, the person you made geeks cool and “insanely” (to use one […]